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Welcome to the brand new news and update site of Remain in France Together. For the last 2 years we've kept our email subscribers up to date through a newsletter, sent out as often as we could (and not often enough, because of lack of person-power!) via Mailchimp. As we've grown beyond all imagination, that system is no longer viable for us in 2019, so we've had to think again. Whatever happens with Brexit - whether there's a deal or no deal - there is going to be new information coming thick and fast that we need to get out there to people as quickly as we can - and often before we've had a chance to update the website. And so this news blogging site was born. We hope everyone will find it useful during the bumpy road we'll be sharing ahead. To receive an email version of each update in your inbox, press the Subscribe / S'Inscrire button at the top of the page. We don't get to see your email address, which is kept perfectly secure by the syste