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Citizens in waiting ... again. What's the score after the votes this week?

We've just lived through one of the most momentous and extraordinary weeks imaginable in the UK Parliament, with plotlines, twists and turns right out of a Hilary Mantel novel. As we catch our breath, lick our wounds and reflect on what's happened, it's time to have a look at where it may all leave us in terms of our citizens' rights. I have to say here that like you we don't have a crystal ball, and with opinions, loyalties and political relationships changing all the time a number of things could happen. But the legislative process means that we do have some idea of what those things are - and what they're not. We know that MPs have voted on and passed two motions: one that seeks to prevent the UK leaving the EU without a deal, and another mandating the government to seek an extension to the Article 50 date until 30 June 2019 if the deal has been agreed by Parliament by 20 March. However, just because these motions have been passed doesn't necess

Facing up to difficulties with French administration as we approach B-day ... and breathe ....

With just 24 days left until 29 March and Brexit day, and no clear sense where things are heading and whether there will be an extension or an agreed deal, it's not surprising that everyone is getting a bit tense. And not just us, but the French administration system too. The centre in Nantes has, we know, stopped processing applications to exchange British driving licences for the moment and is returning dossiers. An increasing number of préfectures are effectively closing their doors to carte de séjour applications from British residents too.  For nearly 2 years now we at Remain in France Together have been strongly recommending that everyone applies for their carte de séjour as soon as possible, and many people have done that. We know from the Ministry of the Interior though that only around 16-18% of the total number of British in France have so far got their cartes. That means that the authorities have one gigantic job ahead - and they know it. Our understanding is tha