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S1 cover in France in a no deal Brexit - fact or fudge?

With the recent media interest in S1 health care cover in a no deal scenario, and some conflicting info running in various places about how it might or might not affect us here in France, we thought it was time for a bit of a reality check. While we’d love to be able simply to reassure you and say that there will be no change at all from the present, we don’t think it’s necessarily as simple as that. There is no question that everyone currently holding an S1 will continue to receive health care under the French system - that's a given, so please don't worry about that - it's more about the conditions of receiving that health care - the small print, if you like. The UK government / embassy’s view ... and our view Here’s what the embassy has to say: Healthcare after Brexit . Taken at face value, it’s rather reassuring ... but although we believe that France does have our interests at heart here, in our view there are some gaps that are either not addressed at al