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The Withdrawal Agreement - what is it, what does it do and who does it cover?

This is the first article (of a total of 6) in the January 2020 information campaign that we're running jointly with British in Europe, about the Withdrawal Agreement and how it affects you as a British citizen living in France or another EU country. In this article we take a look at what the Withdrawal Agreement is (and what it isn’t), what it does, how it’s different from the no deal legislation that your host country will have produced, and who it covers. The following articles will look specifically at Residence rights and procedures; Health care, pensions and social security; Working rights, professional qualifications and family reunification; What's not covered by the WA; Frequently asked questions. What is the Withdrawal Agreement? The Withdrawal Agreement is an international agreement between the EU and the UK that sets out how the UK’s EU membership will end. It covers the status and rights of both British citizens in the EU and EU nationals in t