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Applying for a carte de séjour under the Withdrawal Agreement - what we know so far (and what we don't)

Ever since we began providing information over 3 years ago, the most frequently asked question has been 'how do I apply for a carte de séjour', and our website pages on that subject have been consulted hundreds of thousands of times. We're in a period of transition in more ways than one right now: the old system for applying for a carte de séjour is no more, but the new one isn't yet up and running. Every British citizen living in France will have to apply for a new residence status and a new carte de séjour under the Withdrawal Agreement, and there will be a new online application platform, though full details of the process haven't yet been made public by the French government. But everybody hates a vacuum, so in this article we bring you up to date with what we know so far about how things will work under the new system so that you can begin to prepare for what's to come. The information here is taken both from the text of the Withdrawal Agreement its

Gremlins at work ... please resubscribe to keep receiving France Rights updates by email!

Dear France Rights friends and supporters Several thousand of you signed up to receive our updates directly via email. Sadly, we've just learned that the internet gremlins have been at work and that Google has inadvertently deleted all the current subscribers to the France Rights blog ... and worse, that there's no way to recover them. We'll be publishing many updates through the weeks and months to come as we do our best to help people get to grips with the Withdrawal Agreement and what it means for British people in France. To make sure you don't miss an update, could we ask you to resubscribe using the box at the bottom of this post? Your email address is safe with us and won't be used for any other purpose - and you'll find our privacy policy described here: . Alternatively you can subscribe again by clicking the Subscribe/Souscrire box at the very top of this page. Our sincere apologies f