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How do you feel about applying for your new carte de séjour?

While all eyes have, understandably, been on Covid-19 for weeks now, for us at France Rights and British in Europe it's been largely 'business as usual' on citizens' rights as we get closer to the roll out of the Withdrawal Agreement across the EU. What we thought was going to be a quiet time turned into quite the opposite - we've been busy taking stock of where things are at in the different countries and have just finished producing a comprehensive written evidence paper for the Committee on the Future Relationship with the EU (the former Brexit committee, to which we've given evidence before) on the progress of implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement in the various EU countries. As soon as this is published by the Committee and the embargo is lifted, we'll be sharing that with you all. An important date Here in France, we're preparing for an important date coming up in a couple of months time: in July the new online application scheme b