How do you feel about applying for your new carte de séjour?

While all eyes have, understandably, been on Covid-19 for weeks now, for us at France Rights and British in Europe it's been largely 'business as usual' on citizens' rights as we get closer to the roll out of the Withdrawal Agreement across the EU. What we thought was going to be a quiet time turned into quite the opposite - we've been busy taking stock of where things are at in the different countries and have just finished producing a comprehensive written evidence paper for the Committee on the Future Relationship with the EU (the former Brexit committee, to which we've given evidence before) on the progress of implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement in the various EU countries. As soon as this is published by the Committee and the embargo is lifted, we'll be sharing that with you all.

An important date

Here in France, we're preparing for an important date coming up in a couple of months time: in July the new online application scheme being set up by the French government is due to go live. We understand that they're still planning to keep to this date in spite of Covid-19, although we don't have any more specific info yet other than the fact that a décret that will determine the process and the conditions for getting a new card, is in the making.

As you'll all know (we hope! If not, you might need to read this page on our website: every British national who's resident in France, or who will be on 31 December 2020, will have to apply for a new residence status and card under the Withdrawal Agreement - even if you have a current carte de séjour at the moment.

What we'll be doing during the next 12 months

France Rights will be focusing on two things over the next 12 months: firstly, we'll be providing you with comprehensive, legally correct information via our website, these news updates and our Facebook page; and secondly we'll be monitoring the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement in France and feeding back to the European Commission and to the UK and the French governments.

In the meantime ...

To help us do those things and establish how we can best approach things going forward, we'd like to start by finding out how you feel about having to go through the process and whether you have any particular concerns or worries.

Please help us by taking our survey

We've put together a short survey which we invite you to complete - it would also be good if you could share the survey amongst your British friends in France and in any Anglophone networks you're in here so we can get as wide a coverage as possible. Please ask all the adults in your household to complete their own survey too.

The survey is completely anonymous, and we won't receive any identifying details or your email address. We've already received over 1000 survey responses in less than 12 hours, but the more participants we get the better the data!

Thank you so much.

You can find the survey here:


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