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Applying for a new residence status and card under the Withdrawal Agreement - ​ how do the British in France feel and what are their concerns?

You probably remember that in May we launched a survey looking at how British residents in France are feeling about having to apply for a new residence status and carte de séjour. The French government tells us that it's still on target to open the new online application portal in July, though we still, as I write this on 23 June, don't know exactly when. Anticipating that opening, we wanted to steal a march on what the biggest concerns are, where potential issues might lie, and what kind of information support France Rights can best offer. 2727 of you responded during the 2 weeks the survey was open, making it not just a very interesting survey but also one that is statistically relevant - so a huge thanks go to everyone who took part. We learned many things from the survey, but one thing stood out, and it's this ... Many people are nervous about the application process to come Almost half of all respondents are nervous to a greater or lesser degree about th